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At a time when major stock markets are suffering from a seemingly never-ending economic crisis, many investors are switching to buying gold : precious metals are turning out to be very much a sure investment in the face of a banking system whose very foundations seem less than stable. Compared to currencies which risk being devalued, natural resources - finite and essential - are attracting even the largest accounts.

Over the last few months, many investors have been investing in gold as a protection from the possible collapse of financial assets linked to a sovereign default.

The benefits of buying gold

Aside from their intrinsic value, gold and silver offer many pertinent benefits: unlike currencies, they are not affected by government policies. Better still, a long-term investment in gold or silver offers fiscal advantages on returns.

Position yourself in the safe market of buying physical gold

Whether you are an experienced investor or a saver looking to keep your nest egg out of the banking system, benefit from Globalsilver's experience in precious metal trading.

Our online store offers you the chance to buy gold coins, silver coins and gold bars All our products are new, pure and have the advantage of strong liquidity (in other words they can be sold again quickly, they have market liquidity) as they are highly sought after on the international market.

Globalsilver has built its reputation on the tightest security measures

Globalsilver, a leader in buying and selling gold coins, has invested heavily in security. Whether it is our price-setting mechanism, the ad valorem insurance of our logistics flow, the traceability of our products, our client data encryption, the legal security of our transactions (we systematically use an electronic signature with a probative value and we place a copy of the contract with the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations - the Deposits and Consignments Fund), our company meets the strictest security regulations on the market.

If you want to buy physical gold and benefit from a sure investment then benefit too from the expertise of a reliable partner of international renown.


Your gold and silver purchases are delivered to you by an express delivery service in discreet and extremely sturdy packages.


As soon as you have completed your purchase, your gold and silver coins and gold bars are insured ad valorem by Lloyd’s of London.


You can purchase your gold by bank transfer or through your Globalsilver client account. Your personal data will be encrypted


All purchases of gold or silver will require the online signing of a contract (electronic signature with probative value).